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NB: Temporary joining procedure

Your first task is to register yourself as a user. At the moment this can only be done by you using the “Contact Us” link to send me a request by email. Please introduce yourself and suggest a preferred user name, I will register you and email your login details and password.

Welcome to the Kfarsghab Triangle of Life App

I would like to acknowledge the contributions of special people to the compilation of the data in the family tree. These people have been working diligently for many years to share their knowledge of the structure of the Kfarsghab family. To an even greater extent they have spent countless hours in research to uncover the secrets of antiquity. In so doing, they are shedding new light on everything from where we originate, what are the reasons for the great diaspora and where we are located in number around the world.

Our first nominees as Heritage Ambassadors are –

  • Francis Wehbe. Violine Karam, Jennifer Hanna, Ray Abraham, Sean Merhi, Carol Lahood
  • Youssef Laban, Nazha Barakat, Joseph Stanton, Joseph Isaac, Michael Isaac, Vincent Budwee
  • Ghassan Samia, George Daniel, Janet Joseph, Zoe Peate, Louis Hanna

NB Nominated Ambassadors are involved in village research or have made more than 300 personal edits of the data

This project was initiated to harness the collective knowledge of all the descendants of the village of Kfarsghab. The ultimate aim is to provide a vehicle to document the entire family tree. The resulting data and the information it delivers are my gift to the people of the Kfarsghab community wherever they reside far away from their roots.

Why is this different from a traditional family tree process?

The tool has been designed to allow people having family tree knowledge to share it. By applying these principles, we can continually improve the accuracy of each entry. The basic building block is a TRIANGLE representing a child and parents. If we could construct all the triangles, we will have a complete database. You may consider we are building a mosaic of the entire village of Kfarsghab one piece at a time and contributed by thousands of people each having a small part of the information.

What would we like you to do?

For people creating their own triangle, the information is simply “top of mind”. Details include name, known as, birth year and other fields to establish unique identities. Duplicates can be a problem so please be specific and use appropriate differentiation detail.

I urge you to support this ambitious project. The result will be truly amazing and will not only be a testament to the strength of our bond but will be a wonderful gift to those that follow us for all time.

Len Norman – October 2017 – Revised May 2020