About Us

Len Norman is a proud Kfarsghabi and is an inventor of software methods after learning his trade in IBM over a 33 year career. He has long held the belief that the way to achieve great outcomes is to reduce the work to the simplest and lowest common denominator. Thus, he created the concept of The Triangle of Life. This is formed by two parents and each of their offspring in turn. All human history is made up of this simple and recurring theme. If we can record all the triangles, then we can build a family tree of any size piece by piece.

Len called on assistance to help bring the concept to life. Fred Lahood (prototyping, proof of concept and coordination of early data management). Some families made their trees available for early loading. My thanks to the Lahood, Elias, Aboud, Abraham and Abood families to name just a few.

The program has been written by Ross Mitchell of System Arts.